Flashes of Hope – Chicago

I am honored to say I am a photographer with Flashes Of Hope Chicago.


Here’s my story…2 and 1/2 years ago my friend lost her child to cancer on August 6, 2010. We took some portraits of her in her last few days and this tiny little girl taught me even in those last hours she was filled with love, strength, courage, and life. No one is ever ready for their child to leave. The heartbreaking days that followed with forever be a part of me. The love, strength and courage her mother and family have inspired me to reach out and see how I could do something with a group for other families. I reached out to some local Cancer programs to see how I could help. I don’t know how I was finally connected to Flashes of Hope but I spoke to the area director, Carrie Gowens (http://www.flashesofhope.org/chapters/Chicago/director/27) and felt like I was talking to an old friend. Carrie and I talked every few months and I secretly hoped the group would eventually get some suburban locations so I could participate. Back in November 2012 CDH hospital had the first session I participated in and I am happy to say I am a Flashes Of Hope Chicago Photographer.

It is a privilege and an honor to photograph these children and families. I know from my good friend how much these images mean to her and hope that you can share this post with people you love and spread the word about this amazing program.

Here is the local website for Flashes Of Hope: http://www.flashesofhope.org/chapters/Chicago

Here is the local kiddo’s: http://www.flashesofhope.org/chapters/Chicago/photos

I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of people – I am humbled by the families who are battling these horrible diseases – I giggle when the kids smile and I cry with the families when they see the beauty I get to see through my lens. Thank you so much for letting me do this and thank you for reading this today.


Benny the Bull is my <3 HERO <3

Ok – really the teachers at Clow Elementary in Naperville are the real heroes –
The PTA President asked if we could photograph an assembly the Chicago BULLS did for the school – we had to wait a few days to make sure the images were “OK” to publish – so here they are…

Indian Prarie School district 204 ROCKS…
Our Principal, Mrs. Nowak is just amazing – one of our parents contacted the BULLS organization and was able to secure our school as one of the schools that the Chicago Bulls visited for this program.

What an amazing group of people that Bulls organization is…

Each classroom was buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm as the members of the Bulls organization talked to the children about their philosophy – Can you guess what B.U.L.L.S. stands for in the education arena? The first person to send a message to us will receive a very special prize – you must send us an email by midnight Friday with what you think BULLS means.

Getting to do what I love – getting to peek in on my mini at school during the day – getting to meet BENNY THE BULL – well those are moments I will never forget – THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY…


SANTA BABY – Wheaton Newcomers Club Santa Pictures

I can remember Sunday breakfast with Santa – there was a restaurant on 95th and Western called Snoopy’s – it closed LONG LONG LONG ago – but clear as my memories are – I can remember the people we went with – I can remember Santa – and the whispers in his ear on the list I carefully prepared. My mother has hundreds of pictures of the “event’s” we attended – and those pictures – while fading from age – are some of my most precious memories. The friends, some of which are life long friends, are now preparing their kids for this wonderful holiday season and making new traditions…Do you remember your family traditions? Do you have a Santa Picture tradition???

The Newcomers Club of Wheaton has just such an event —

Santa Pictures

I happen to know they are going to have a WONDERFUL Santa and we are going to take wonderful pictures – why not create a new family tradition – and bring your little ones for a great breakfast and a great picture that avoids the dreaded mall – and spends time with your loved ones!!!

The Newcomers Club of Wheaton, Warrenville, and Winfield is a women’s social organization offering a fun environment to socialize and make new life-long friends.

Please join us – with Kate Dwyer Photography – for a wonderful day of Santa pictures – the Newcomers club would welcome you – and I, well I will take your picture for them – this is a fund raiser for the organization as well.

Again – those memories of a long closed restaurant are fading – but the warm memories – those moments with Mom and Dad and my little brother – those will never fade.

Hope to see you –

It’s not too late…to get your HOLIDAY portraits.

Are you waiting till the very last moment in hopes that Buddy the elf will do your Christmas Cards FOR YOU THIS YEAR?

Wait no more…call us – we’re here to help.

Are you struggling to figure out that perfect gift for Nanna or Pappa? Are you trying to find the “right” photographer? Are you just so busy you forgot it’s almost time?

Don’t worry – call us – we take care of it all…
Plenty of dates/times free to figure out that perfect gift…


ps – thanks for watching me.

Chicago. MY kind of town. Indulge me for a moment.

I grew up in Chicago. I have a LOVE of my hometown. It amazes me that each time I visit, I see something I didn’t see last time I was there. Yes, I am a little romantic about that town.

Today I had the honor of photographing the daughter of someone who also calls Chicago her home. Funny – I think we are still so young – and when I see our kids it just takes my breath away. This young lady looks exactly the same as Mom did at the same age. She oozes confidence and spunk (just like Mom) and has just made my day.

I want to share some of these portraits we took today:

I can tell you this much – Chicago has one million places we can take portraits. Getting to see art in just the most random spots, well that is just the most fun in the world. It was funny – on my drive in and my drive out I think I saw 4 other photographers taking portraits – and I wanted to run over and say ohhhhh let me see – because as much as I love getting to do what I love – I love even more getting to see people see how I see them through my eyes.

That being said – today – well it was magic. Thank you to a friend from age 4 – Thank you to a NEW friend ages 8 and 10 – and THANK YOU to C – and thank you to YOU for stopping by.

Getting to be YOUR photographer – well let me thank you in advance.